We make 100% plant-based food products

We’re a family-run company and we’re dedicated to making healthy food products, all 100% plant-based.
We believe that a healthier diet is possible and that’s why we’ve been developing plant-based alternatives to dairy products, which is how the company started.
We currently have a wide range of products: Drinks and desserts made from Soya, Oats, Rice, Almond, Hazelnut and Coconut. Firm tofu, Soft tofu and Tofu desserts.

We make healthy, natural food which helps to improve how people eat and delivers value to our customers.


Our aim is to be a leader in the European production market of plant-origin foods which are nutritionally healthy, doing so in a sustainable way with the environment, and in accordance with ethical principles, occupational safety and the quality of our products.


These are the values that inspire us and guide the company’s strategy:

Healthy eating Sustainable production Food safety and quality Customer orientation Development and Innovation Respect for the environment

Raw material

We always work with the best ingredients for our products. To do so, we have established long-term agreements with raw material suppliers, so that year after year we always have the best harvest.

We have always used the best raw material, with the highest quality and safety standards in terms of GMOs.