Making 100% plant-based food products has also led to us being healthier for the planet, it’s down to all of us to look after it, after all. Our contribution may be small but that doesn’t make it any less important as our goal is to be more sustainable.

Our packaging is made from recyclable material to reduce the impact on natural resources.

We are socially responsible, we work with non-profit associations, with people with special needs and in campaigns to promote sport and a healthy lifestyle.

We use energy-efficient systems to reduce our Co2 emissions.

Every day, we recycle as many materials as possible in our production processes.

The ISO 14001 certification is well-known in the industrial sector. The aim of this certification is to improve the way in which a company can reduce its environmental impact.​At Frías Nutrición, we’re convinced of the need to follow a policy that reduces our impact on the environment in order to be a more sustainable and responsible company.